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"Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us
Martin Luther

Dec 30, 2012


Well, here's the new post about my new fav, GENERATIONS.

First, I want to tell you that I'm not into JPOP before, expect the anime soundtrack. I just know Ayumi Hamasaki, V6, Utada Hikaru, and AKB48, which got a popularity because Japanese people love them. Well, I'm trying a new thing by listening to JPOP more often.

Second, JPOP has a different color with KPOP, which sometimes, for me, JPOP is more kind of weird. But, that's the plus point, JPOP has their own style, not KPOP these days which try to be a western music.

Third, I don't know much about how JPOP works, the agency, the distribution, the scandal, etc. Besides, I can't read Japanese, I think it's too late to try searching anything about JPOP. The only thing that I can do is "eat" the new thing by not knowing how it made. I know a little bit about KPOP, like SM, JYP, YG, as the agency and LOEN as agency and also the distributor. I know a little bit about the good songwriter on KPOP like, my fav, Shinsadong Tiger, Brave Brothers, Teddy, etc. And now, I don't know any of japanese song writer.

Dec 29, 2012

Softer than first

Hi guys! So, here is me, another author (and admin maybe) wanna give you some recommended songs. Yeah, it's totally different with (first author) Rangga's recommended becuase actually I like calm melody with soft voice that can be my lullaby.

And then, here my favorite female singers whose their songs catch my ears at first time I heard it :)

1. KOKIA a.k.a Yoshida Akiko
    You can see her profile at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kokia_(singer)
*sorry, I just can't find it on another site. Maybe there's somebody who can help me to know more about her

2. Connie Talbot
    She's a child singer who was be contestant at Britain's Got Talent and placed as runner up.
    You can know more about her at http://connietalbot.asia/en/bio or http://www.connietalbot.com/

And their songs that I recommended the most are :
1. KOKIA - Open Your Eyes
2. KOKIA - Looking For You
3. KOKIA - The Rule of The Universe
4. Another KOKIA's song at http://www.youtube.com/user/1547moon
I'm really sure you'll fall in love with her soft and amazing voice. Most recommended situation are listen it while doing your homework (just like me, haha) and when you wanna relax your mind. Please don't blame me if your time to do homework have to so long when you choose the first situation, muahaha *evil laugh*

5. Connie Talbot - Beautiful Word
FYI, this song written by her self when she was 7 years old! How amazing she is, isn't it? ;)
6. Connie Talbot - You Raise Me Up
7. Connie Talbot - Hero
8. Connie Talbot - I Have a Dream
For her, I'm certainly sure you'll love her soft voice and cuteness look. All of situation recommended to listen her voice, not include risk and danger situation like.. yeah, you can fill the blank with the answer as you want.

Oh, I almost forget! I also recommended SNSD's song which titled "Not Alone" and "Stay Girls". Eventhough those songs aren't as soft as KOKIAs, but they're really easy listening!

For my first post, I think this is enough. I'll write later with my another tracklist and recommend them to you. See you soon! :))

NB : sorry for my bad english >.<

Dec 8, 2012

Recommendation Album of the Month

It's the last month of this year, and I'll give you the recommendation album for this first week of December. Here they are: