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"Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us
Martin Luther

Apr 28, 2013

Paramore, Self-Titled Album [2013]

It's been awhile since the last update. So many great music come from the past three months and I'm starting loving one by one. So now, I'm going towrite my subjective thought about Paramore's Self-titled album..

For me, Paramore has changed since Josh and Zac left. It's more simple and mature. Don't expect to find the old Paramore. It sound like the three of them and it means just 3/4 Paramore for me. I love Paramore since a long time ago because they have a connection, but now, when they released Monster as the first single without Josh and Zac, it changed my mind. My love for them slowly fading away. Haha. I mean, they should change their name because it's not the Paramore that I used to know LOL