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Martin Luther

Aug 24, 2015

JoJo - III. (TRINGLE) [2015]




Finally, JoJo is back! After almost 9 years, finally she released a new-official-materials! (I don't count the mixtapes). I'm so excited! Really can't explain how I feel right now...

So, this single has 3 songs, which she/her new label said that it'll be a part of her third album! OMG!! We can listen the songs on her youtube channel.

I'm going to replay the whole single and The High Road album until she drops the new album. Finally my childhood came back to life :')






She's releasing the video for Whrn Love Hurts, and she looks so amazing. So glad that she's back. Looking forward to her full length album!

Buy Jojo's new single, Tringle, on iTunes:

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